Dear Rudy, I heard that you don't think President Obama loves America and I'll be brief and perfectly frank. You were always a smug, arrogant, pompous, sanctimonious, hectoring demagogue. For a moment it seemed you were humbled by divorce and cancer, and then came 9/11, when history tapped you on the shoulder and you stood in front of those television cameras and said everything that we needed you to say. For a few critical weeks here in New York, you were somehow able to speak to the rage and loss and fear and despair we were all feeling. For those few weeks when you turned into our Winston Churchill, it was easy to forget that you were one of the most divisive mayors in the history of New York City...But then time passed and alas, you were Rudy Giuliani again, inevitably the same smug, arrogant, pompous, sanctimonious, hectoring demagogue.  





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