After the publication of Can’t Find My Way Home and his appearance as one of the principal commentators in The Drug Years, the popular VH-1 series based on the book, Martin Torgoff was invited to Brown University, the University of Florida, Wayne State, and other colleges, where he delivered widely attended lectures about different aspects of the drug culture in America. 

Since then, in addition to his presentations about drugs, he has developed lectures about the history of rock and roll, the music industry, the sexual revolution, and the rise of the celebrity culture in 20th Century America—all of them based on his research for different projects.

All inquiries about public speaking engagements should be made through this website. 


Martin discusses his book Bop Apocalypse with John Tytell at the Strand bookstore in New York, January of 2017

Martin with students, after speaking at Brown University, February of 2006.

Martin reads from Can't Find My Way Home at Barnes & Noble, New York City, June of 2004.

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