Welcome to my blog!

You might say, to paraphrase the Cracker song, What the world needs now is another blogger, like I need a hole in the head. Of course, Cracker was talking about folksingers. I happen to be a folksinger too...but lucky for you I’ll spare you that. There will be no clips of me singing Dylan’s “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues,” I promise.

I have a new website, so why not a blog? It’s part of an overhaul that will include Twitter, Instagram et al. designed to get me more into the social media game. My wife Laura and her coterie of digital media advisers have been strongly encouraging me to do so. You might even say she’s been up my ass about it. They tell me, “Digitize, then monetize!”

Of course, my nature is to isolate, remain completely silent and hide from the world (which is probably why I became a writer in the first place) so I’m innately resistant to all of this kind of self-revelation and promotion. I can’t help that it all seems terribly crass to me, but it’s a new world and I like to think I’m one old dog that can be taught new tricks. I also think it will be a very good way to get back into the habit of daily writing and connect with people.

Of course, whether or not anyone gives much of a fuck about anything I have to say is entirely another matter. As for my subjects, anything will be fair game. I will write about my work, my passions for things like music, books and film, what’s going on in the world, and anything about my personal life that strikes me as interesting... 

So, again, welcome to my blog, and bombs away...!


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